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I love this embedded Radiolab episode. When I first heard it, I had already been thinking about the curiosity of language and meaning, and I felt it encapsulated what it is about language that makes me suffer. Concepts that exist don't exist to us until they have a name and a purpose. And then they only exist for each of us within the limited realm of that name and meaning and purpose, and within the context of our unique awareness and understanding of their definitions. We didn't see blue until it was somehow defined and internalized, morphing into the hue that we all seem to know today--the color of the sea and the sky, a part of violet and of green, the shade of my long-longing eyes, and the break of my winter heart.

Our world is only as big as our capacity for language, and a very limited language at that. What else am I looking upon but not seeing, and what lost words have you expressed with meanings that I didn't understand?



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